8 Accessories You Need This Fall and Winter 2022

Sunglasses Fall Accessory

One of my favorite parts about winter is the cold-weather accessories. There are so many cozy, chic accessories that can keep you warm while also introducing colors, textures, and intrigue to your outfit. Hats, scarves, gloves, socks, leggings – the list goes on! But this fall and winter 2022, we’re seeing some new accessories hit the fashion scene, and we are in love over here at Current Boutique. From practical balaclavas to chunky booties to pearl accents, we are here for these 8 cold-weather accessory trends.

1. Balaclavas

Let’s start with the ultimate trendy winter 2022 accessory that’s as practical as it is eye-catching: the balaclava. A balaclava is an accessory that covers the neck, top of the head, and parts of the face. It’s like a ski mask but with more of your face showing. In the frigid temperatures of winter, balaclavas function like both a scarf and a hat to trap your body heat and keep you warm. They’re the perfect way to make a fashion statement while staying safe and cozy in a winter storm.

Go for a neutral or winter white balaclava that can match your minimalist aesthetic…

neutral balaclava for winter 2022

Or try out a colorful balaclava to add a pop of color to a gloomy winter day.

colorful balaclava for winter 2022

Knitted wool balaclavas are particularly trendy in winter 2022, giving a cozy and cuddly vibe to your outfit.

knit balaclava for winter 2022

Add a mask and your favorite sunglasses so your face is covered from the winter weather (and the paparazzi). 

balaclava winter 2022 trends

2. Oversized scarves

Extra-large scarves are all the rage for winter 2022. I love when a trend can also be timeless, and oversized scarves fall perfectly into that overlap. Although they’re chic for 2022, you’ll get plenty of use out of a cute, warm scarf for years to come.   

oversized scarf 2022 winter

Don’t confuse an oversized scarf with a blanket scarf (which is no longer trending). Oversized scarves aren’t big enough to wrap around your whole body, but they’re still big enough to be the focal point of the outfit.

winter 2022 trends 

For 2022, we’re seeing a lot of wool, checked patterns, and fringe bottoms. I love this combo because checked patterns scream autumn, fringe adds a flirtatious ‘70s flair, and best yet, wool is a sustainable material!

wool check fringe scarf for 2022 

But if that’s not your style, opt for a chunky knit scarf…

chunky knit scarf for 2022 

Or a cashmere neutral that matches your natural coloring.

cashmere scarf for 2022 trends 

Make an oversized scarf look effortless by swooping it over one shoulder…

swoop scarf 2022

Or by pairing it with a basic tee, jeans, and trench to let your scarf do the talking.

scarf accessory 2022

3. Furry hats

Pair your oversized scarf with a fuzzy hat for a cozy-chic look. In a resurgence of Y2K, we’re not surprised to see furry textures come back on the scene. For fall and winter 2022, fuzzy bucket hats (also called “muppet hats”) are the go-to item for keeping your head warm. While these hats are likely a passing trend, if you have a furry hat in the back of your closet or you find the perfect one on consignment, now’s the time to wear it!

We’re seeing furry hats show up in bright colors as a statement piece…

statement muppet hat 2022

Or paired with a monochromatic outfit.

fuzzy hat winter 2022 trend 

We’re even seeing patterned fuzzy bucket hats that are the star of the show.

muppet hat 2022 trend 

Or you can opt for the classic fuzzy hat that pairs with lots of outfits in your wardrobe.

fuzzy hat 2022 trend 

Not into the fuzzy bucket hat look? Or maybe you just want something a little more timeless? A bright beret in bold colors and quirky textures is also a stunning trend for 2022. Parisian “it girls” have ensured that berets are here to stay, so you know that investing in a gorgeous beret is always a good decision for your closet.

winter 2022 beret

4. Arm warmers

Also in Y2K resurgence is the return of arm warmers. These are a tech-friendly alternative to gloves, keeping your arms warm while giving your fingers freedom of movement.

arm warmers winter 2022 

I love how easy they are to layer, creating a slouchy yet stylish vibe.

layered arm warmers 

And they’re a great way to add a pop of color to a wintery outfit.

colorful arm warmers 2022

5. Shearling accents

This is one of my favorite 2022 winter trends because it’s a forever-timeless vibe that you can wear for winters to come. A shearling or sherpa accent adds a cozy, warm vibe to your favorite winter outfits. We’re seeing a lot of classic shearling coats, but winter 2022 is also showing shearling accents on shoes and handbags, transitioning those casual work from home vibes into streetwear. 

If you love classic ‘70s, you can’t go wrong with a brown trench with ivory shearling accents. 

classic shearling coat 

Or if you want something sleeker, a black leather jacket with black shearling is clean and minimalist.

black shearling winter coat 

Why not try out something with a pop of color to brighten your day and your mood?

green shearling 2022 winter trends 

Get really 2022-trendy with a shearling accented bag, like this Chanel favorite.

Chanel shearling bag 

Or an all-over shearling purse to add texture to your outfit.

shearling purse 2022 

More and more designers are adding faux shearling to their lineups, so you can look chic while staying sustainable and animal-friendly.

shearling for winter 2022 

Stressed about keeping your shearling clean? Learn how to protect your shearling fashion and home goods with this Martha Stewart article.

6. Chunky booties

Booties are a fall essential that simply never go out of style. For 2022, we’re seeing more practical and functional chunky booties come on the scene. Boots with thick soles to protect against snow and sleet are all the rage. These are popping up in classic silhouettes like the Chelsea boot as well as more rogue silhouettes like the iconic Y2K moto-boot.

A chunky boot is so chic while adding a little quirkiness to your outfit.

chunky fall booties

Moto boots (also called biker boots) with zippers, clasps, and silver metal details add intrigue and an edgy flair.  

moto boots winter 2022 

Pair your combat boots with a matching bag for an easy, put-together look.

combat boots and matching bag 

If you’re not a fan of chunky booties, waders are also trending for 2022. They were spotted on Chanel, ACNE Studios, and Bottega Veneta runways, and we anticipate they’ll be a must-have for those snowy winter days this 2022.

trendy waders for winter 2022 

Waterproof, functional shoes that will keep your feet warm and dry are the ultimate move when accessorizing for winter.

waterproof waders for winter 2022

7. Sporty sunglasses

Sunglasses aren’t just for summer. They’re a key accessory to elevate any outfit and to protect your eyes year-round. The fall and winter 2022 trend in sunglasses may or may not be your style, but they have been picked up by major brands like Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Lexxola, and Raia. The trend? Sporty sunglasses inspired by biking.

sporty sunglasses 2022 trend 

A sleek wraparound frame in a red, blue, or dark tint has become ultra-trendy as we move into autumn and winter. 

wraparound glasses 2022 trend

This sporty style is perfect to dress-up casual-cute outfits, like Gigi Hadid’s light denim with clean white shoes and a Fendi tee.

sporty sunglasses and casual outfit 

If the sporty look isn’t your vibe, opt inside for tinted shades that add a pop of color to your winter look.

Accessories You Need This Fall and Winter 2022 

Learn how to choose the right sunglasses for your face here.

8. Unique pearl earrings

I love that pearls can be both summery and elegantly winter white. For winter 2022, we’re seeing lots of sophisticated pearls – as we see most winters – but this year, it’s all about unique pearl pieces. Fashionistas are veering away from classic pearls in favor of more quirky, bold items.

We’re seeing a lot of pearl hoops and pearls paired with gold.

pearl and gold hoops for winter

And a lot of large pearl drop earrings paired with bold pearl necklaces for an overstated, maximalist aesthetic.

pearl earrings for winter 2022 

Raw pearls are classy, while still natural and laidback. These create an authentic feel that you’ll likely be able to wear for multiple seasons.

natural pearls for 2022 

You can never go wrong with a pearl and gold ring, earring, or necklace that makes you feel happy, special, and graceful.

pearl rings for winter 2022 trends 

Winter 2022 trends

You’ll probably see me rocking most of these 2022 trends in the coming months, especially waterproof booties and oversized scarves! What are your favorite fall and winter 2022 trends that are practical, comfortable, and stylish?


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