9 Outfits for When You Have Nothing to Wear

When you have nothing to wearYour closet is full of gorgeous clothes, and yet, somehow, “there’s nothing to wear”! Some days, it just feels like you can’t put an outfit together, even though you’ve worn these pieces a hundred times before. If that’s the case, you might be suffering from fashion fatigue, and it happens to the best of us. That’s why we’re giving you 9 of the simplest, go-to outfits you can throw together when you have nothing to wear, using fashion essentials you probably already have in your closet.

Beige coat + denim jeans 

Every woman looks stunning in a quality pair of denim jeans, a white or black top, and a knee-length camel coat or khaki trench. Paired with cute sneakers or your favorite go-to heels and you’ve got the perfect effortless and timeless outfit you can wear to just about any event.  

beige coat classic outfit

For chillier days, you might want to opt for a wool camel coat…

wool camel coat classic outfit

But for spring, summer, and rain you might want a lighter khaki trench with a tie-waist.

khaki trench coat outfit 

Not sure how to style jeans and a white tee for warmer weather? Check out our list of summer essentials and how to style them!

Pencil skirt + casual blouse

Put your work wardrobe to use even on your days off. I love how easily a pencil skirt can transition from conservative workwear to sultry eveningwear with just a few tweaks. So, throw on your favorite, most flattering pencil skirt and pair it with…

A graphic tee for a casual day date…

pencil skirt and graphic tee cute outfit 

A satin cami or blouse for a fancy brunch…

pencil skirt and satin blouse outfit 

Or a cute cropped top, layered with an oversized button-down or blazer for a chic night on the town.

pencil skirt with crop top cute outfit 

Little black dress

I’ve said it once and you can bet good money I’ll say it again: the little black dress is a must-have for every woman’s closet. It is truly the most versatile and flattering piece you will ever own. 

Pair your LBD with a denim jacket or cardigan with sneakers to dress it down…

easy little black dress outfit 

Or with heels and elegant jewelry to dress it up.

dressy little black dress outfit 

The key to a good little black dress is finding one that suits your unique features, whether it’s a classic dress with a slit to show off your legs…

cute lbd outfit 

A fit and flare that shows off those gorgeous curves…

fit and flare little black dress outfit 

Or something textured with illusion elements to add a little intrigue to a solid black dress. 

textured little black dress

There are a million ways to wear a little black dress. Add neutral accessories (yes, we consider animal prints a neutral!) for a classic, clean look…

neutral accessories with lbd 

Or add a little color for a fun, fresh statement!

lbd with colorful accessories 

Make sure your little black dress is designer-quality and practical enough to fit your lifestyle, so you can get the most use out of it. I’ll never get enough of a little black dress that has pockets!

little black dress with pockets 

Find your perfect little black dress from your favorite designers at a fraction of their ticket price at Current Boutique. Check out these little black dresses that are under $100!

Graphic tee + biker shorts 

For something casual, comfortable, and chic, try a graphic tee paired with biker shorts. It’s easy to throw together, but you’ll look so cute running errands or hanging out with your girls. Once you’ve got the tee and the shorts, start adding accessories to create a full outfit. The right layers and accessories can really take this look from plain to polished.  

graphic tee and biker shorts outfit 

A cute crossbody defines your waist so it doesn’t look like you’re swimming in an oversized graphic tee.

crossbody with graphic tee and biker shorts 

Add a denim jacket with clean, white sneakers for a casual look with an edgy vibe.

graphic tee with biker shorts and denim jacket 

Hoop earrings and layered gold necklaces look refined while still offering comfort and style. (This is a perfect work-from-home outfit to feel put-together enough to get down to business while still relaxed enough to lounge around on your couch.)

graphic tee and biker shorts easy outfit 

Not a fan of graphic tees? Any tee in your favorite color will do the trick when paired with the right accessories, like sunglasses and cute shoes.  

tee and biker shorts outfit 

I love how a black tee or black sweater with simple biker shorts can look so elevated and put-together when styled with the right accessories.

black tee and biker shorts outfit 

You don’t have to stick to just black shorts either. If you like neutrals or a pop of color, don’t be afraid to mix and match your favorite shorts.

beige biker shorts 


Stop worrying about matching tops and bottoms. With a jumpsuit, your outfit is perfectly matched in just one piece! I love that you can wear the same jumpsuit a hundred different ways based on how you style it with accessories, shoes, and layers. A high-quality jumpsuit that suits your body type and personal style will become your new favorite wardrobe essential.

You can’t go wrong with a classic, flattering black jumpsuit. Dress it up with heels and sunglasses, or dress it down with white sneakers and a tote bag.

black jumpsuit easy outfit 

Or opt for a neutral jumpsuit that pairs with the majority of the accessories in your closet that you can wear year-round with a cardigan and boots for winter or wedges and a sunhat for summer.

neutral jumpsuit cute outfit 

This white, striped jumpsuit is perfect for warmer weather because it’s light and cute, while the stripes add height and length to your look.

summer white striped jumpsuit 

Although neutral jumpsuits are a great foundation, I also love colorful jumpsuits with flirty touches like ruffles and a cinched waist.

blue jumpsuit cute outfit 

Strapless and off-the-shoulder jumpsuits are such a beautiful summer look, but you can also add a cardigan for fall days or chilly evenings.

strapless jumpsuit  

I would put linen overalls in this category too. I love overalls because they are so fun and youthful, and you can play around with different crop tops, bandeaus, tees, and graphic tees to create infinitely new looks.

cute overall jumpsuit outfit 

White button-up + jeans

There is nothing more effortless and cute than a white button-down paired with denim jeans. It’s simple, clean, and timeless. You will always look good in a high-quality pair of jeans and a well-fitting white button-down.

For something super easy to throw together, pair your favorite jeans with a long-sleeve white button-down. Add sunglasses, gold jewelry, and a structured purse for that just-got-off-my-private-jet aesthetic.

white button down and jeans cute outfit 

If you don’t like the silhouette of a button-down on your body type, try opening the buttons and pairing it with a neutral tank top or bandeau underneath. This will show off your curves a little more while still giving the classic refinement of the button-down and jeans look.

white button down over tank top 

Add a blazer or oversized jacket for chillier days or a business casual workwear staple.

white button down with jeans and blazer 

This formula of a white button-down with jeans is a great foundation to add colorful layers and accessories. I love neutrals but you’ll almost always catch me sporting a bright color because studies show that bright colors make us happier! 

white button down with colorful accessories 

A spin on this look is a white button-up paired with black jeans and a denim jacket. The black pants make this outfit a little dressier (especially when paired with a neutral shoe and bag), but the denim jacket still offers that cool girl vibe (plus an extra layer for warmth).

white button down with black jeans 

Leggings + neutral tank top + jacket

If you read my article on how to look chic and comfortable while working from home, you already know how much I prioritize comfort these days. I will always put fashion as my number one, but cute outfits that are also practical and cozy? Sign me up! That’s why I’ve recently been obsessing over chic outfits that incorporate leggings and yoga pants. Black leggings with a white or black tank top paired with a stylish jacket is a simple, chic, and oh-so-comfortable outfit. The jacket is essential here to add that layer of refinement or you run the risk of staying more on the athleisure side (which is also a style in its own right!).

Check out these 11 leggings outfits that are both comfy and sophisticated!

My favorite look that will always, always look good: black leggings, a white tank top, and an oversized black blazer. I particularly love the elevated elements in this outfit: the leather jacket, the high neckline, and the gold chain accessories all elevate this casual look to the next level.

black leggings elevated outfit 

Sub out the white tank top for a black one for a slimming, chic vibe. Pair with comfy white sneakers and you’re ready to walk ten miles in the city (while looking insanely stylish).

easy and cute black leggings outfits 

Psst… For warmer days, keep the blazer but swap out the leggings for biker shorts!

biker shorts with blazer outfit 

Black leggings, a white tee, and a jacket. It’s so simple, and yet the addition of the matching sunglasses, watch, sneaker, and purse make this outfit look polished and purposeful.

black leggings gray jacket white tee 

For fall days, nothing is cuter for apple picking than black leggings, a white tee, and a plaid shacket!

fall day black leggings outfit 

Just be sure to remember the rule of thirds when putting this outfit together. Use your jacket to add length to your torso (like a longer jacket or trench) or your legs (like a cropped blazer). If you cut your outfit off in the middle, you could run the risk of feeling “frumpy” rather than cute and put together.

Notice how this woman adds more “weight” to the top of the outfit, which draws the eye upward and slims out her bottom half.

black leggings with scarf

You can also create a cohesive outfit by wearing all one color, like black leggings with a black tee and black denim jacket, which will slim and lengthen the overall silhouette.

black leggings with all black outfit 

Patterned blouse + jeans

What I love most about patterns is that they add spice and dimension to your look, so you don’t need to do a lot of work to make your outfit look purposeful and on-point. Every girl needs at least one cute and flattering patterned blouse in their outfit that, when tucked into jeans, creates an easy, go-to outfit that you can wear time and time again.

I’m a huge fan of polka dots. They’re flirtatious and feminine, and they’re a great way to subtly draw the eye. I particularly love black and white polka dots because they’re neutral and timeless, so you’ll be able to mix and match the blouse with other items in your closet for years to come.

polka dots patterned blouse 

I’m also obsessed with timeless animal prints. They provide pattern and texture while still staying in the neutral color range, so you can easily pair them with jeans, black pants, blazers, and other pieces in your wardrobe.

animal prints cute outfit

Fresh florals are particularly popular for spring. Pair with white denim and wedges for a refined warm-weather look.

floral blouse white denim 

Stripes are forever summery and nautical.

striped nautical shirt with denim outfit 

But they can also give a French “it” girl vibe when paired with a denim jacket (and a baguette, of course).

french girl stripes 

And of course, you can’t go wrong with your favorite plaid for fall and winter.

plaid blouse for fall outfit 

Ultimately, you want to find a pattern and style that suits your personal aesthetic. This floral, ruffle shirt is feminine yet edgy.

floral ruffle shirt with jeans 

While this blouse is a little more art-deco.

outfits for when you have nothing to wear 

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What to wear when you have nothing to wear

With just a few wardrobe essentials, you can create tons of fresh, chic outfits that are super easy to put together. The key to creating gorgeous outfits is the quality of the pieces in your closet. Shop for your closet go-to pieces on Current Boutique. We sell thousands of designer pieces at a reduced price, so you can have access to high-quality, gorgeous pieces for less! Check out our newest, just-dropped pieces to start shopping for your wardrobe essentials.


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