Fashion Goals to Set for 2023

Fashion Goals

Setting realistic and attainable goals is how you progress toward your dream life. This is true in every area of your life, from finances and career to wellness and fashion. To have a personal style that you love, you need to set fashion goals for yourself just as you would set professional or fitness goals.

But fashion goals can feel abstract. Other parts of your life will have straightforward goals like “ask for a raise in March 2023” or goal-oriented tasks like “get a facial once a month.” But you can’t always quantify style or benchmark “feeling good in your clothes.”

I’ve been in the fashion world for years, but I’m always looking to enhance my style and tweak my look. Check out my eight fashion goals for 2023 to inspire your own style goal-setting process!

1. I will dress for myself, not others.

2023 is the year we stop dressing based on what other people are wearing or expect us to wear. Let’s only wear clothes that make us happy and confident! If you don’t like wearing pencil skirts to work, donate or sell them, and start wearing more dress pants or flowy midi skirts. If you don’t like wearing neutral colors, forget the minimalist way and incorporate as much color into your wardrobe as you’d like. Life is too short to be anything short of fantastically you, so it’s time to start showing your authentic light and personality with the clothes you wear.

For example, I love animal prints. I’ll wear animal prints for every season. There’s a new “trendy” animal print every season, but I don’t really care what’s trending. I wear whatever pattern I feel like. Animal prints make me happy because they are fierce and natural while creating a beautiful neutral backdrop that works beautifully with the rest of my closet.

2. I’m going to push my style boundaries. 

It’s easy to fall into fashion routines. Maybe you wear a lot of comfy graphic tees, or your closet is all-black-everything. Simplifying your wardrobe is important (we’ll talk about this in #4), but don’t let “minimalism” or “trendiness” silence your uniqueness.

Try something new. Whether it’s a cool hair accessory, a bold color, or a unique silhouette, you never know what will look good on you until you try. This will help you hone your personal style while keeping fashion fresh and exciting!

3. I’m going to prioritize my comfort.

Comfort is queen in 2023. (It has been since 2020.) Whether you’re still working from home or you’re back in the office, chances are you have gotten used to wearing comfortable clothes. Why go back to itchy, tight, uncomfortable clothes when so many comfy options exist? It’s not about wearing sweats all the time; it’s about wearing high-quality garments that look great and fit correctly. This year, I am getting rid of scratchy sweaters, blouses with irritating seams, pants that ride up, and dresses that I have to constantly readjust. If you feel uncomfortable in your clothes, you’re won’t feel confident and sexy. So, let’s promise to only wear clothes that make us feel good.

4. I’m going to streamline my wardrobe.

Decision fatigue is a real thing. Having to wade through piles and piles of clothes (most of which you don’t wear) to decide what to wear each day can drain our mental resources. Streamlining your wardrobe helps reduce cognitive load, so you can go back to having fun getting dressed in the morning. Streamlining your wardrobe could mean donating or selling clothes you don’t wear anymore, reorganizing your closet for practicality, creating a capsule wardrobe, or even dusting those closet shelves that we always seem to forget to clean.

Check out two of our favorite resources on cleaning, organizing, and streamlining your closet:

5. I will shop my own closet.

While streamlining your closet, try “shopping your closet.” You probably have many pieces that you forget about or don’t wear very often. Well, it’s time to start incorporating them into your everyday outfit rotations. Pretend your closet is a boutique, and see what goodies you can uncover!

Stop saving things for a “special occasion.” Every day is a special occasion. You never know when you’re going to meet someone special, when you’re going to get offered a promotion, or when you’re going to come up with a new idea. Better yet, when you’re wearing your favorite “special occasion” clothes, you trick your brain into thinking you are the “main character” every single day; your life will transform into something magical!

6. I’ll choose quality over quantity.

In 2023, let’s be mindful of our fashion budget. Let’s stop wasting our hard-earned money on low-quality, fast-fashion pieces that will just end up in the trash by next year. Instead, I plan to buy only quality pieces that will last for years in my closet. I will buy clothes that feel comfortable, look incredible, and make me happy every time I put them on.

7. I promise to purchase more sustainably.

Sustainable fashion is the wave of the future. The fashion industry has been doing significant harm to the environment for years, and people are finally waking up to the impact of our consumption choices. Check out these 7 trends in fashion sustainability to learn more.

Purchasing high-quality clothes (goal #6 on this list) contributes to greater sustainability because you are helping to stop the cycle of fast fashion. Buying clothes that are built to last means fewer pieces ending up in landfills, a slower fashion cycle, and less depletion of resources.

Another great way to focus on a more sustainable lifestyle is by purchasing clothes on consignment. When you buy preloved clothes, you are rescuing gorgeous, quality pieces from ending up in landfills. You also aren’t buying new, so your purchase is saving resources, materials, chemicals, and labor, which helps reduce the load and impact on the environment.

And when you buy from a small consigner like Current Boutique, you’re promoting small business, you’re supporting someone’s dream, and you’re telling the fashion industry that you aren’t going to stand for low-quality, poorly made fast fashion.

8. I’ll dress for the life I want to live. 

“Dress for success” is a proven statement. Studies have shown that the way you dress impacts your psychology. For example, tailored clothing can make you more powerful in business, while casual clothing promotes creativity. (Check out these 9 fashion psychology facts to learn more.) 

That means dressing as the “aspirational you” can help today-you reach that vision. If you are focusing on your career in 2023, stock your closet with high-quality professional wear. If you want to focus on your connection to nature, you might want to buy sustainable, eco-friendly clothing materials. 

Fashion goals should reflect your other goals. Whether you’re looking to improve your finances, enhance your relationships, or land your dream job in 2023, fashion can be a stepping-stone to help you get there.

What are your top fashion goals for 2023? DM us @currentboutique to tell us! 

Carmen Lopez, President & CEO


Hello Fashion Lovers! I've been in the fashion industry for over 15 years. I started Current Boutique with the desire to recycle amazing pre-loved designer gems for others to enjoy! I value quality, unique craftsmanship, sustainability & saving money. I am a fashion lover who is energized by the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur. I'm here to share tips on fashion, style, bargain shopping and business. I hope you enjoy!
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