What to Wear to a Holiday Party in 2022

What to wear to a Holiday Party

Whether you’re attending a work holiday party, a potluck with friends, or just celebrating winter festivities from your couch, here are the six top trends in holiday outfits for 2022 that you’ll definitely want to incorporate into your winter look.

What’s trending in fashion for winter 2022?

  • Colors: jewel tones (emerald and ruby)
  • Materials: velvet and satin
  • Pattern: all-white and sparkly

Emerald everything

For 2022, we’re seeing green pop up in a lot in holiday outfits, even more so than the red dominance of recent years. One of the trendiest Pantone colors for winter 2022 is “abundant green,” which is a deep grassy shade of green. While this is a very Christmas-y color and a great option for your holiday wardrobe, a lot of streetwear styles are also showing an emerald green for the 2022 holidays.

Silky, lush emerald green looks stunning when paired with classic black elements.

Emerald for holiday 2022 

Consider investing in an emerald shirt that you can re-wear all season – and for seasons to come! Emerald looks beautiful with black for a holiday party, but it’s equally as stunning when paired with denim or white.

emerald for holidays 2022 

Look how effortless this emerald skirt pairs with a white sweater for a holiday party. (Bonus points for the cheetah shoes!)

emerald skirt for holidays 2022 

But you can also make an emerald skirt feel a little less holiday-esque when paired with grays or blacks, perfect for the rest of the winter season.

holiday 2022 fashion trends

If you want to try out the emerald look without worrying about matching, invest in an emerald dress in a silhouette you like. Then add black accessories for an easy put-together look.

What to Wear to a Holiday Party in 2022 

Or try out an emerald sparkly jumpsuit that’s the perfect go-to for all your winter celebrations. 

emerald jumpsuit for holidays 2022 

One of the hottest trends for winter 2022 is a velvet emerald blazer. These jackets are polished enough for workwear and holiday parties…

emerald blazer for 2022

But they’re also chic streetwear when paired with more casual elements.

casual emerald blazer for 2022 holiday season 

When in doubt, green-everything is perfect for the holidays (and a nod to nature).

cute emerald outfit for holiday parties 

Rudolph’s ruby red

Red is a natural go-to for the holiday season. I love that there’s a shade of red that looks good with every skin tone, so you can find the perfect red for you. This year, a deep ruby red is popular for the holidays, but you can also opt for a brighter, more saturated Molten Lava red (which is one of the winter Pantone colors).

You can never go wrong with a red velvet dress for a holiday party. Add heels and diamonds for an elegant aesthetic, or dress it down with flats and Santa earrings for a more casual event.

red velvet dress for holidays 2022

Another gorgeous option is a red jumpsuit. This makes it easy to get dressed for your party, and you’ll add a beautiful pop of color wherever you go.

red jumpsuit for holiday parties 

Sweater dresses are a winter essential. While a white sweater dress is a neutral go-to, the right red sweater dress can be your favorite party must-have. Best yet, you can find a sweater dress that suits your style, whether you like something more form-fitting, chunky knit, or oversized.  

red sweater dress for holidays 2022 

Just like emerald, we’re seeing a lot of ruby-red blazers hit the fashion scene. These blazers are perfect outerwear for the office, for a holiday party, or for a date downtown.

red blazer for holiday party 2022 

Also like emerald, one of the best ways to get into this color-craze is with a classic pleated skirt. A pleated skirt will never go out of style, but I love having a variety of colorful skirts that can be paired with a plain white or black top. This gives you the freedom to play around with colors. (Psst… If you don’t think you “look good in red,” then wearing a red skirt or pants will let you wear your color, but then you can wear a more flattering white or black on top. Learn more about dressing for your “color season” here.)

red skirt with white sweater for holidays 

If you have a more neutral capsule wardrobe, try adding ruby red accessories. These will give you the holiday flair, so you can easily mix and match your wardrobe pieces throughout the holiday season. Check out which accessories are trending for winter 2022 here!

red accessories for winter 2022 

Va-va-voom velvet

You’ve probably already noticed from the emerald and ruby outfits that velvet is trending for the 2022 holiday season. But that’s not a surprise because velvet is always trendy for winter, especially around the holidays. Velvet has that cozy yet sophisticated texture that makes it one of the more timeless materials for winter. Plus, it’s warm and luxurious.

This year, we’re seeing velvet in all pieces – from jumpsuits to dresses and blouses to pants. It’s also hitting the scene in casual events just as much as fancy ones.

velvet for holiday parties 2022 

A lavish velvet dress will never go out of style.

What to Wear to a Holiday Party in 2022 

And I guarantee a black velvet jumpsuit will be your go-to party favorite for years to come.

velvet jumpsuit for holiday party 2022 

Velvet pants are a great way to incorporate texture and dimension, whether you opt for a slim leg… 

velvet pants for winter 2022

Or something with a wider leg that feels more comfortable and flowy.

trendy velvet pants for 2022 

If you want to veer away from the classic holiday colors, you can wear just about any color in velvet and it will still give that luxurious, sophisticated wintery vibe.

velvet trend for 2022 

Stunning satin

Satin and silk are timelessly feminine. What I love about a quality satin skirt is that it can transition from a breezy summertime outfit to a winter wonderland one with just a few accessory shifts.

For winter 2022, we’re seeing a lot of off-white and champagne satin skirts paired with white turtlenecks.

champagne satin skirt for 2022 

This gives a sleek monochrome look while adding dimension through texture (satin versus knit) and analogous colors (like champagne and bright white).

What to Wear to a Holiday Party in 2022 

Of course, ruby red and maroon satin skirts are also trending for the season. I adore this wine-colored outfit, whether it’s for a holiday party, a winery tour, or a date at your favorite restaurant. 

wine satin skirt for holidays 2022 

A satin full-length dress can go from warm autumn days to chilly winter ones with the addition of a turtleneck underneath.

satin for winter 2022 

One of my favorite holiday looks is combining velvet and satin. A satin maxi dress with a velvet blazer is effortlessly chic.

velvet and satin trend 2022 

Snowflake chic 

While all-black is always chic, we’re seeing a lot of all-white outfits come to the holiday season for 2022. We’ve dubbed this “snowflake chic,” because these monochrome looks utilize a variety of unique textures and white tones to create stunning, one-of-a-kind outfits.

Here we see the white satin skirt come back into play paired with a mock turtleneck and gorgeous white outerwear.

snowflake winter white outfit 2022 

I love all the elements on this white dress, like the cut-outs, bell sleeves, and high neck to create a visually intriguing look. This model paired it with a geometric silver purse, transforming a classic white look into something as unique as a snowflake.

white monochrome outfit for holiday party

The key to a successful monochrome outfit – like an all-white look – is utilizing texture, materials, and unique details. Notice how this outfit pairs a white sparkly skirt with a cashmere sweater that has some ruffles. It also pairs two different shades of white, which further adds intrigue and dimension.

What to Wear to a Holiday Party in 2022 

You can never overdo it on sparkle and fringe when it comes to a holiday outfit!

white with silver holiday outfit 

If you’re not a fan of all-white, try an off-white or beige outfit. I love the subtle addition of the light wintery blue jacket here to give this champagne-beige outfit a pop of flair.

beige holiday outfit 2022 


If you’re not a fan of the minimalist look, the good news is that you can get as maximalist as you want with 2022 holiday sparkles. There are endless styles and silhouettes in sparkles, especially for the holiday season. And you can transition your sparkles through to New Year’s Eve too. With the right mixing and matching, you can even wear sparkles throughout winter.

sparkles for holiday parties 2022 

If you’re not sure you want to commit to sparkles yet, you can’t go wrong with a sparkly mini or midi skirt as an accent for an otherwise all-black outfit. This will give your outfit a pop of texture without putting in a lot of extra work.

sparkle skirt for holiday party 2022 

Or opt for a black sparkle skirt that is sleek and refined while still adding a textural element.

black sparkles for holidays 2022 

Sparkly pants are especially trendy for the holiday 2022 season. I love how comfy these sparkle pants look, easily going from WFH casual to a holiday party.

sparkly pants for holiday party 2022 

I’m obsessed with these 1970s-inspired, Mamma Mia-style sparkly pants. Paired with a cropped sweater, this is an easy holiday outfit that can go from brunch to a cocktail party with a quick switch of your accessories.

What to Wear to a Holiday Party in 2022 

And don’t forget the hot piece of the season: a sparkly blazer!

sparkle blazer trendy for holiday 2022

If you love sparkles as much as I do, why not try mixing and matching sparkle pieces? I love the subtle sparkle of this outfit, especially with the adjacent black and gray color tones.

sparkles for holiday party 2022

What will you be wearing to your holiday party this 2022? Tag us on @currentboutique so we can see you rocking these holiday trends!

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