11 Gorgeous Fall Fashion Trends 2022 (That You’ll Actually Wear)

Fall Trends 2022

Fall 2022 is all about dopamine dressing – aka wearing clothes that make you happy. In a post-lockdown world, where we were cooped up inside, fashionistas are now looking to express themselves through their style, pushing boundaries through more experimental wardrobes in their everyday outfits. As people are finally going back outside, attending parties, and making themselves known and seen on the social scene, we’re seeing a move towards more maximalism, compared to the minimalism of the past two years. 

My favorite part about the 2022 fashion scene is that the hottest trend is personality. Thanks to social media platforms like TikTok, we’re seeing the emergence of influencers across styles, subcultures, and genres, opening the doors to offshoots of mainstream trends. This is building a gorgeously diverse fashion world with greater freedom and confidence in your style choices, so you can wear what you want when you want and how you want.

Let’s take a look at some of the fall 2022 trends that we’re seeing on the runways, so you can choose which (if any) to incorporate into a wardrobe that makes you happy, glowing, and excited to get dressed in the mornings. 

Fall 2022 comeback era: Y2K 

Y2K fashion trends for 2022

Y2K style is continuing into the fall 2022 season, propelled forward by youth-driven pop culture like the HBO show Euphoria and Tik Tok nineties nostalgia. We are going to continue to see a lot of low waistlines, miniskirts, crop tops and exposed midriffs, denim, bright colors, cutesy elements, androgynous tailoring, and ‘90s-inspired pieces like bomber jackets and clogs. We’re even seeing hair gems, chokers, and butterfly clips back on the scene. However, we’re likely to see more pared-back versions of the ‘90s that are a blend of minimalist and maximalist styles. Learn how to modernize Y2K styles for 2022 here.

Fall 2022 color: bright colors (hot pink) 

Stella McCartney purple for fall 2022

Timeless autumn clothes will always come in classic fall colors like maroon, wine, cream, olive, marigold, and varying shades of brown. But this year, we’re seeing a new kind of fall color palette: bright, saturated colors. Leaning into dopamine dressing, designers are showing more pieces in bold colors, like Stella McCartney’s love of purple, Gabriela Hearst and McQueen showing us varying citrus hues, and Bottega Veneta’s purple and green leather fringe skirts.

Valentino pink for fall 2022 

But the color that hit the hardest on the runways – and will likely be omnipresent in the fall wardrobe – is hot pink. Or, more specifically, Valentino pink, a custom hot-pink hue created by Pierpaolo Piccioli in collaboration with Pantone.

hot pink fall trend 2022 

This fall 2022, hot pink, lime, royal purple, tangerine, azure, and bold red will be the bright juxtaposition to the traditional (but still and forever stylish) warm autumnal hues.

Fall 2022 pattern: luxurious leopard

Although there are lots of patterns trending for autumn 2022, especially bohemian prints reminiscent of exotic destinations, leopard print is a fan favorite on the runways and in consumers’ hearts– and for a good reason. Its neutral colors make it easy to mix and match with other traditional autumnal colors, and it’s consistently one of the most luxurious, classy patterns regardless of season, year, or decade.  

luxe leopard for fall 2022 

While leopard is the trending animal print of the season, it’s a timeless and neutral print that you can every year, year-round. I particularly love using leopard as a neutral black and tan backdrop to a fall outfit that’s otherwise rich in wine, maroon, or red…

leopard print fall 2022 with red accent 

Or leopard can also function as an “accent” piece for an all-neutral outfit.

leopard accent piece fall 2022 trends

Fall 2022 texture: sequins

Sequins are often reserved for holiday parties, so we’re happy to see a little bit of sparkling expanding into other seasons this year. More women have added sequined sparkle to their wardrobes over the summer in keeping with the sexy siren vibe, and that trend is blending into fall as well.

sequin fall trends 2022 

Sparkle and shine have entered everyday wear, from a subtle sparkle pop to all-over hot pink sequined dresses. This is the perfect time to get some more use out of those sequined party dresses in your closet, especially when paired with other dressed-down pieces like a leather jacket, white sneakers, or autumnal booties.  

sequin fall 2022 dress 

Fall 2022 hot look: partywear 

Speaking of party dresses… Fall 2022 is seeing partywear hit the streets. We’ve been out of the social scene for so long that we’re all looking to dress up, look pretty, and express ourselves whenever we get the chance. Gone are the days of special occasion dresses. Every day is a special occasion in need of a special outfit! Not only will we see more cocktail attire becoming mainstream, but we’re also seeing everyday pieces become more glamorous, like cut-out blouses, sequin skirts, and dresses with fringe and flair.

party wear trend 2022

Fall 2022 sustainable fashion: faux furs

Sustainable fashion is trending for 2022 – and it’s a trend that’s likely to become a staple of the fashion industry as we move forward. One of the pushes towards more ethical and eco-friendly style that’s particularly hot for fall 2022 is faux furs. Fur has always been considered a luxury and status symbol amongst women. Today, though, women are sporting faux fur as the ultimate show of status, demonstrating care and compassion for the environment.

faux fur fall 2022 

This season, we saw a lot of faux furs hit the runway, like a faux mink robe from Victor Glemaud and a fur gown (cue the partywear) from Burberry. If you want to stay warm, look chic, and help the environment, consider purchasing faux fur or buying fur on consignment to close the fashion circle and help slow the production of new fur products.

leopard faux fur for fall 2022 

Fall 2022 shoes: comfortable shoes

We’re starting to see brands prioritize comfort over style when it comes to shoes. Comfortable shoes, like clogs and slip-ons, have become the new go-to for work from home, lounging around, and even a day out on the town. For the fall, opt for neutral-colored clogs that will match with lots of things in your wardrobe and better withstand the test of time.

clogs for fall 2022 

Comfort reigns supreme in 2022. Even our boots, which are the quintessential autumnal wardrobe must-have, are becoming more comfortable. In keeping with the Y2K craze, moto boots are all the rage. Steel-toe caps, square toes, metal hardware, higher platforms, faux leather or patent leather, and lace-ups are making their way onto traditional fall boots. I especially love moto boots when paired with a French girl style.

moto boots fall 2022 

While booties have been hot the past few fall seasons, we’re now seeing boot lengths extend up the calf and even to the knee. We’re seeing these boots in more of an edgy aesthetic, while still maintaining those cozy vibes. For those cool fall days, try pairing your Y2K miniskirts with a pair of higher boots to stay warm while still looking chic. 

knee high fall 2022 boots 

Fall 2022 workwear: oversized tailoring

While we’re seeing more tailored clothing come back on the scene after the pandemic hiatus, comfort is still queen in the workspace. Designers have been working to figure out the balance of bringing couch-wear to the office, while still maintaining a professional vibe. Enter on the scene oversized tailoring.

oversized tailoring for fall 2022 

Suits are, and always will be, the power move in business. Fashion psychology shows that when you put on a suit, your brain is more likely to get down to business. A well-fitted suit makes you feel confident, polished, and commanding. But, rather than tight and form-fitting suits, we’re seeing women lean towards more unstructured and oversized pieces, similar to the baggy Billie Eilish vibe. Large suit jackets, straight-leg pants, and collared trench coats have become the new work wardrobe essentials for 2022.

oversized black tailoring for fall 2022 

To avoid looking frumpy or unprofessional in an oversized suit, you can make this style work in your daily life by pairing an oversized piece with something more fitted. Try a pair of high-waisted baggy jeans matched with a fitted blouse for work or with a crop top for play. Or pair an oversized blazer with your favorite pencil skirt to create a dynamic outfit that’s sophisticated yet trendy.

oversized pants fall 2022 trends 

If you’re feeling daring, pair an oversized blazer with oversized pants! We’re likely to see a lot more head-to-toe oversized suiting this fall 2022, so don’t be afraid to get in on the action if that’s your style.

oversized suit for fall 2022 

The key to making an all-over oversized outfit work is confidence! If your head is held high, your shoulders are back, and you’re feeling good, your outfit will scream poise and professionalism.

oversized tailoring for fall 2022

Fall 2022 hot piece: maxi skirts

Maxi skirts were hot in the ‘90s, so we’re not surprised to see them back in the 2022 Y2K revival. However, maxi skirts for 2022 are slightly more slim-cut as opposed to loose and flowy. But any maxi skirt will do!

maxi skirt for fall 2022 

Find a maxi skirt in a pattern you like and/or an autumnal pattern, like plaid or animal print. Just add a few neutral pieces to your patterned maxi for a polished, effortless fall outfit.

plaid maxi skirt 

Textures like pleats and metallics are also trending in alignment with the more eccentric Y2K looks. Pleats are forever fashionable, so it can’t hurt to get a pleated maxi in your closet that you can re-wear for years.

pleated maxi skirt for fall 2022 

Fall 2022 outerwear: bomber jackets

Would it even be a Y2K revival if bomber jackets weren’t on trend? The fall 2022 fashion runways showed bomber jackets everywhere, from simplistic black classics to more extravagant, cut-off, textured bombers. If you want something a little edgier, leather bomber jackets are also in style for the season.

bomber jacket fall 2022 

I’m excited that bomber jackets are “trending” because they never really go out of style for fall. Although they’re “hotter” some years than others, you can always get away with layering a cute bomber jacket on your fall outfits.

bomber jacket fall trends 2022 

We’re loving the trending look of bomber jackets paired with fancy pieces, like maxi jackets, lace skirts, and heels. Bomber jackets are a great way to incorporate both the Y2K trend and the affinity for partywear this fall 2022.

fall 2022 bomber jacket 

Fall 2022 purchasing power: investment luxury  

In the past two years, consumers have been focusing even more on how they spend their money. Fast fashion has lost its oomph in favor of high-quality, designer pieces that will withstand the test of time in your closet. A lot of women have even started looking into clothes as investments with the possibility to resell them on consignment in the future. With resale the hottest new side hustle, we’re seeing a lot of fashionistas harness their love and knowledge for fashion to buy unique pieces that will hold or even increase in value over time.

refined outfit fall 2022

While we’re seeing a lot of bright, bold Y2K pieces, still the chicest trend for fall 2022 is classic, refined, and timeless luxury that will hold a place in your closet for years to come. 

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